CAP Job Club.


Second Successful CAP Job Club Course in Burnfoot, Hawick.

The recent CAP Job Club course at Abundant Life premises has been a success, with all participants enjoying the course and mutual support in community time.

Participants have come from the Burnfoot Community and beyond.

Pictured in the photo below are participants who have completed the course, holding certificates to prove.

Job Club Course Completed

Job Club Course Completed!


Job club has three main components:
1. Training Course,   2. Community Time,  3. One to one Coaching.
The Community Time and Coaching are an ongoing aspect of the Job Club all year round; we only stop for holidays and other special occasions. The Training Course goes for a period of 8 sessions and has to be done at least twice a year.
Here is the title for each session for the first course.
 Session 1 – Finding your motivation

Session 2 – Overcoming the obstacles 

Session 3 – Discovering your strengths 

Session 4 – Getting to know employers 

Session 5 – Writing CV’s & Applications 

Session 6 – Writing CV’s & Applications 

Session 7 – Succeeding at interviews 

Session 8 – Getting ready for work 

Here is a guide for the day. it can be varied as required.

09:30 – Prayer & preparation time

10:00 – Open to job club members, welcome and hospitality.

10:30 – Course sessions. (When no course running, one to one coaching)

12:00 – Community time and lunch

13:00 – One to one coaching – have computers going for people to use for job search, letter writing, CV writing updating, job searching an other activities

14:00 – Finish and tidy up.

I trust this will give you an idea of what the Job Club entails.